Who me?

learning to see myself clearly

Searching for peace


To be calm in my heart…that is what I seek.  I think if I learn to quiet my mind, to let go, this journey will be a success.

I love to go out to breakfast.  When I discovered there is a Saturday morning meeting at my favorite diner, I knew I’d be there.  It was a terrific way to start the day.  By the time I left, my tummy was nicely full and my mind was in a good place.  I was feeling a bit stressed and tight in my neck and shoulders.  I’ve also had some issues with tendinitis in my elbow.  I wanted some relief, so I decided it was a good time to give acupuncture a try.  I went in with no idea what to expect, but figured it was worth trying.

The studio is a community acupuncture studio, which seeks to provide affordable treatment to everyone.  The treatment room is warm and relaxing.  You choose a spot in the big circle of recliners and settle in.  The acupuncturist places the needles and you relax.  Most people fall asleep.  Treatments run from 30-90 minutes.  You leave when you are ready.  You pay what you want, $15-35, no questions asked.

When I left, I felt wonderful.  There was a calm in my heart.

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Take time for yourself

soul happy


Today is a better day.  Last night, I took my own advice and took care of myself.  I spent a relaxing evening with my dogs, reading and knitting.  I watched a little tv and listened to some good music.  I ate healthy food and drank water.  This morning I feel a little more like myself.

I feel more like the self I haven’t been for a while.  And that is good.


Treating ourselves well

Being good to myself…that’s what this is really about isn’t it?  I need to care more about my health and emotional well being.  I’ve been working on being kind to myself since my husband died in June 2012.  I am getting better at it and I suppose this is the next step.

Thanks to Belle, from the 100 day challenge.  http://tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking.wordpress.com/   I am thinking about treats.  So, what are the treats that will make me feel cared for?

  • breakfast at my favorite diner
  • a pint of great ice cream
  • some wonderful new wool for knitting
  • flowers
  • a pound of fabulous coffee

It looks like tomorrow will be another snow day.  I think I’ll spend some time looking for new recipes and cook myself a wonderful dinner.  I enjoy cooking and as you can see from the list above, food is a good motivator for me.  Perhaps I should plan time for some yoga as well.

Today’s inspiration:  The joy my dogs find running in the snow.  By the way, it’s impossible to get three running dogs in a photo while slipping on an icy driveway.