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Day 13…feeling unsteady

on January 14, 2014

Yesterday was the first day I really struggled all day long.   I went to my massage, then to pick up my friend for a meeting.   Her daughter through a fit about her going with me because we were drinking buddies.   So, I went alone.  It was a good meeting.  I felt better, went to sleep fairly quckly, but this morning it was the same story.  

I struggled through work.  A friend asked me if I was okay.  He said I hadn’t been my usual happy- go- lucky self.  I actually told him I quit drinking.   He’s only the third.  I did errands after, but still felt like a raw nerve. So, I went to a yoga class and a meeting. Both of them helped get me through it.  I sure hope the anxiety lessens.  This is hard.


4 responses to “Day 13…feeling unsteady

  1. iamsobernow says:

    Sorry you’re feeling wobbly. (((hugs))) Think of it this way: you’re feeling unsteady but you’re holding on and you’re SOBER!! Fabulous!! I tell myself that a crappy sober day is a whole lot better than a crappy hungover day. You can do this. More (((hugs)))

  2. lucy2610 says:

    It is hard but it will pass. The anxiety is just your brain rebalancing itself without the booze xx

  3. ots2014 says:

    Be gentle with yourself, you are on the path to more peaceful days. Big hugs, and big kudos to you for self care and massage and yoga:)

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