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My first meeting…

on January 8, 2014

My good friend had a relapse, a bad one, and as a result I went to her house to check on her after work yesterday.  An AA friend of hers showed up, too.  After a few hours of coffee, water and talking, the three of us went off to a meeting.  It was her home meeting and she was beside herself on the way.

When we walked in, many of her friends welcomed her back.  I was glad for her that she had such support.  She went up for a new 24 hour chip.  When I stood up I got a hug, but they were out of chips.  After the meeting, she helped clean up, my other friend and I waited in the hall until we made our way to the car.

In the car, my friend talked about how wonderful it was to have such an amazing group of women.  She asked me if I agreed, I tried not to answer, but she pressed me.  Not one person had introduced themselves, not one.  I stood up as a newcomer, no one reached out.  The other friend told me quietly that she had other meetings she preferred.  We exchanged numbers.  I will try again.  For those of you in the program, please don’t let that happen to anyone else.  It was awful.

I will say, I have never been more thankful for the support I have found here.  Thank you.

Today is Day 8.


4 responses to “My first meeting…

  1. Firstly, good on you for helping your friend and getting along to a meeting yourself.
    It’s awful that nobody reached out to help/welcome you…do you think that as you were with a friend who was already a member it affected their treatment of you?
    Anyway, don’t give up just because it wasn’t sucessful at first. We are made of tougher stuff?!
    You are doing great!

  2. lucy2610 says:

    I’m sorry to hear your experience wasn’t better. Keep on keeping on – day 8 is great! 🙂

  3. Chaz says:

    Sorry to hear it. Yet, it does not surprise me that it does happen. In our AA culture, it would be rare but not impossible. But it is counter-AA-culture for sure. Especially given that AA started with two guys seeking out other alcoholics in hospitals. It is all about relationships really. Hopefully you can call it a misfire, put it behind you, and find a better experience another time.

  4. Yeah, that sucked. Lol. It shouldn’t happen, but being people who are sick in different ways, it does happen. I am so sorry about that. I haven’t been to a meeting yet where the newcomer wasn’t approached. I have had, on the other hand, the feeling of being left out. And that is more me than anything else. Back to your thing – I know that if someone like yourself comes with one or two other people, there is less likely a chance that someone will approach you. had you been on your own, you probably would have been approached. I am not making excuses. Some people just don’t reach out as they would probably like to, or are unable in terms of being in their own heads too much (what? an alcoholic too much in their head – go on!! ha ha)

    Go back. Introduce yourself to them. Tell ’em you’re new. That ought to get the conversation going 🙂

    Sorry again – not usually like that. Sometimes it happens though. People are people sometimes…

    Blessings and virtual hug to you…and congrats on the chip {{{}}}


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